Your First Visit

Your initial chiropractic consult involves discussing your medical history and assessing the symptoms you present with. Taking these findings into account, a diagnosis can be made and the relevant treatment protocol can be adopted. Should further diagnostic testing be required or if the diagnosis is not treatable using chiropractic techniques, you will be referred to the relevant specialists.

A detailed medical history is very important when it comes to treating a patient. It gives the doctor an excellent understanding of your general health, your level of activity, your daily routine and your lifestyle requirements. It helps the doctor to determine possible problems and differential diagnoses, allowing for a more holistic treatment.

A physical examination and assessment allows the doctor to pin-point and establish the cause of the symptoms. It involves a general physical overview, with focus on the musculoskeletal system and the closely associated neurological system. Orthopedic and neurological testing helps to determine an accurate diagnosis.
An explanation of the possible reasons you may be experiencing these problems is important. It gives you an understanding of exactly what your body is going through and why you are experiencing these symptoms. This knowledge will equip you with an understanding of how to prevent the symptoms and help aid the treatments you are receiving for them.

Treatment of the findings includes chiropractic adjustment techniques that are delivered to the spine and/or any of the other joints within the body. The adjustment should not be painful, possibly mildly uncomfortable. It is beneficial to work on the associated muscles and we are able to do this by using dry-needling techniques, massage, heat and cold therapy and even stretching and strengthening exercises. The body goes through a lot in a treatment session and you may find that you have some tenderness, for a day or two, post treatment.